December Recap

As we bid farewell to the festive month of December, we at The Magnolia Agency have been busy spreading the cheer in more ways than one. It’s been an enlightening month, dedicated to educating our clients and followers about the…

A Day In the Life – Surety School

surety school
I recently spent 2.5 days in Cincinnati at the Cincinnati Insurance company headquarters with agents from all over the country learning about all things surety bonds and how to help our contractors.

Client Stories

workers compensation
A prospective client was being placed into the pool for workers compensation. Learn how we were able to help.

Negligent Entrustment

negligent entrustment
As a business owner you have a responsibility to ensure that any employee driving a company-owned vehicle OR their personal vehicle (or any vehicle for that matter) on company business is experienced and competent.

How Inflation is Affecting your Homeowners Insurance

One of, if not the, most important coverage on a homeowners policy is “Coverage A-Dwelling Limit” otherwise known as “Reconstruction Cost”. Hopefully you never need to use this coverage, but if you ever do, you’re going to want to have enough of it.

Telematics is Here to Stay

What started as a large trucking fleet tool has worked its way all the way to personal insurance and individual drivers.

What is Key Man Insurance and Why do I Need it?

life insurance
Life insurance policies. Most people don’t enjoy thinking about them, and the idea of talking about them is even more painstaking. But having a life insurance policy (often called Key Man Insurance) on the owners and key employees is a financial move that many business owners don’t want to consider but should.

Insurance Trends – 2022

insurance trends
Two major issues continue to shape the insurance landscape in 2022; extreme weather and nuclear court verdicts.

Passive vs. Active Claims Management

Not sure what the difference is between Active and Passive Claims Management? Check out our latest video featuring Magnolia Agency Principal  & Co-Founder Rich Varrato as he explains the differences as well as the advantages of Light Duty and how it applies.