Our Story

From the fairways of high school to the forefront of insurance, Rich and Lou have always been a team. Their early days on the high school golf team were just a preview of the partnership that would come to define The Magnolia Agency. While college and early careers took them down separate paths, in 2015, they discovered they were both honing their skills as producers at competing agencies, each developing a keen sense for what truly mattered in the business of insurance.

The game had changed since their high school days, but their shared values hadn’t. They saw a corporate landscape that often left personal connections in the rough. It was a world where agencies were frequently more focused on the bottom line than on the people they served.

After years of planning on those same greens where they had once strategized their golf games, Rich and Lou launched The Magnolia Agency in 2021. They embarked on this venture with a singular vision: to create an insurance agency that would break the mold, one that would value client relationships over profits, and prioritize personalized service over scale.

At a time when mergers and acquisitions were making headlines and individual clients risked becoming just another number, The Magnolia Agency emerged as a haven for personal connection. Rich and Lou knew that people didn’t just need policies; they needed a partner who would stand by them, understand their needs, and offer solutions tailored just for them.

Today, The Magnolia Agency stands as a testament to their vision. We’re not just providers; we’re advisors, supporters, and partners. Our foundation is trust, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to each client. Whether navigating personal or commercial lines, our approach is as unique as you are.

Since opening our doors in 2021, our dedication has never wavered. We believe that insurance is more than a contract; it’s a commitment to your safety and peace of mind. Rich and Lou, alongside a team of seasoned professionals, continue to provide service that goes beyond expectations.

We invite you to experience the Magnolia difference, where every policy is a promise—a promise to keep you covered, to keep you confident, and to keep you at the center of our story.

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