Claims Management

No matter what you need, we're here for you.

Claim Tracking

The Magnolia Agency assists in reporting new losses and tracks all claims by regularly and periodically communicating with claims adjusters to move claims processes forward.



Claim Management

We are knowledgeable about claims and can offer insight to claims adjusters as to the best way to proceed to protect our insured’s interests.  We understand the process as well as the various options you as a business owner have when it comes to processing claims.  We advocate for your best interests.


Light-Duty Solutions for Injured Workers

We are experts at mitigating workers’ compensation claim payouts.  One of the best ways to mitigate payouts is by offering light-duty to your injured workers.  We have successfully and creatively offered light-duty work solutions for our insured’s injured workers whether or not the business has light-duty work available.


We are regularly in contact with claims adjusters and nurse case managers to push for light-duty and full-duty work releases.

Claim Resolution

We at The Magnolia Agency continue to follow-up with all parties to a claim until a fair and equitable conclusion has been reached and the claim file is closed.