Telematics is Here to Stay

What started as a large trucking fleet tool has worked its way all the way to personal insurance and individual drivers.  There is no doubt about it, telematics is here to stay and will only advance and become more sophisticated with time.  As a business owner, is it worth investing in?  What are the benefits?

Driver behavior is the most obvious benefit and can quickly improve safety.  Speeding, hard braking and hard cornering can all be tracked.  Devices can even block cell phone usage or know when your driver is taking their eyes off the road.  The data is undeniable and can be shared with employees for training purposes.

Besides playing big brother on your drivers to make sure they are being safe it can also help track vehicle maintenance.  You can be alerted when a vehicle is due for an oil change or if fluids are low.  Is the check engine light on and the employee keeps forgetting to tell you?  Not anymore.  It can even help with fuel efficiency.  Do some of your employees like to let the vehicle idle for a quick job or to run into the store?  Now you will know. 

Optimized routes, increased security, compliance assistance.  The benefits can be endless and tailored specifically to your needs.  And the best part is as the technology advances and becomes more widely used the price continues to drop with competition.  On top of that, the safety results are so apparent, most insurance companies will help businesses with the cost.  Some offer their own versions for free, others offer discounts to well-known brands.

As a business owner it’s worth looking into, and we are happy to help.

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